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#1142: scipy.stats.norm.isf(1e-17) gives outrageous value
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 In [21]: norm.isf(1e-16)
 Out[21]: 8.2095361516013874

 In [20]: norm.isf(1e-17)
 Out[20]: 1.7976931348623157e+308

 I suspect that there's some dodgy subtraction going on, since this is
 about one double epsilon, and ndtri, the raw cephes function, works fine:

 In [22]: -scipy.special.ndtri(1e-17)
 Out[22]: 8.4937932241095986

 In [23]: -scipy.special.ndtri(1e-16)
 Out[23]: 8.2220822161304348

 (Note that 1e-16 is wrong by ~0.5%, which is pretty embarrassing.)

 The subtraction theory is supported by the fact that norm.ppf is fine:

 In [25]: norm.ppf(1e-16)
 Out[25]: -8.2220822161304348

 In [26]: norm.ppf(1e-17)
 Out[26]: -8.4937932241095986

 In other words, norm.isf(x) is almost certainly being converted to

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