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Mon May 10 17:17:02 CDT 2010

#1173: mio4: guess_byte_order results in '>' while actual order is 'little'
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 Please don't hit me hard if I am mistaken, but I think the logic is
 incorrect in guess_byte_order:

 While troubleshooting
 I've ran into a situation that .mat file which had little-endian byte
 order, was opened as big-endian (I guess), so completely screwed up and I
 had to explicitly state that byte_order='little' to proceed further.

 Then I looked into actual code in mio4.py which was used to see:

     def guess_byte_order(self):
         mopt = self.read_dtype(np.dtype('i4'))
         if mopt < 0 or mopt > 5000:
             return SYS_LITTLE_ENDIAN and '>' or '<'
         return SYS_LITTLE_ENDIAN and '<' or '>'

 which seems to depend on the fact that number stored is not 0, so it could
 swap little/big thing depending on that.  BUT I had "0"s in first 4 bytes,
 system was 'BIG' so it guess I ended up with '>' (i.e. big endian).  So I
 asked on what that value is actually could be, found description of mat
 file format: http://maxwell.me.gu.edu.au/spl/matlab-
 page/matfile_format.pdf (see page 32), which says that value 0 is actually
 for little endian!  So file is correct but logic above assigns 'big
 endian' to it, which screws things up later on.

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