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Tue Nov 23 15:07:06 CST 2010

#1330: special.specfun.jdzo array access out of bounds
 Reporter:  dagss          |       Owner:  pv   
     Type:  defect         |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  0.9.0
Component:  scipy.special  |     Version:  0.8.0
 Keywords:                 |  
Changes (by pv):

  * owner:  somebody => pv
  * priority:  high => normal
  * component:  Other => scipy.special


 The code seems to assume that the caller has declared
         double precision zo(0:NT)
 for calling the function. This is visible e.g. in the fact that otherwise
 the output appears to contain an off-by-one error. (This indexing
 peculiarity also seems to be forgotten in `jnjnp_zeros`.)

 The other initialization statement required to silence Valgrind is
 Adding this seems also to remove the out-of-bounds indexing, and ensure
 correct output.

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