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Fri Apr 8 10:33:59 CDT 2011

#1421: scipy.stats.poisson has wrong documentation
 Reporter:  schwarz        |       Owner:  pv   
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Component:  Documentation  |     Version:  0.9.0
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 the Documentation
 states that there are the methods:
 pdf(x, mu, loc=0, scale=1)      Probability density function.
 fit(data, mu, loc=0, scale=1)   Parameter estimates for generic data.

 but this is not true.

 Steps to reproduce:
 1) install scipy from

 2.) run python with:
 > import scipy
 > print scipy.stats.poisson.fit
 > print scipy.stats.poisson.pdf

 3.) get output:
 AttributeError: 'poisson_gen' object has no attribute 'fit'
 AttributeError: 'poisson_gen' object has no attribute 'pdf'

 4.) check scipy version:
 > print scipy.__version__

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