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#1398: problem with numpy 0's in stats.poisson.rvs
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 I would like to describe a case, where I need a poisson with mu=0:

 Often, I have to create simulated observations of astronomical sources. In
 that process, I assume a shaped source in a 2d array (source_image). This
 source has values >0  in its pixels. Outside the source, the image has
 pixel values = 0 (Because no photons should come from that regions).
 The observation is then simple to simulate:

 obs = poisson.rvs(source_image)

 But since the biggest part of the image is =0, I get "Domain errors". SO:
 currently I'm doing

 obs = poisson.rvs(source_image + 0.000001)

 While this helps, it is certainly wrong in a scientific way and I would
 prefer to use the true values.

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