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#1494: fmin_bfgs stuck in infinite loop (but only with new version)
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 Hello. I have run into a frustrating problem where
 scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs will get stuck in an infinite loop. This problem
 has only shown up with a more recent version of scipy.

 I have developed a very simple exmaple which demonstrates this problem by
 trying to minimize the function -1/e^x, for which the optimal value is at

 A simple program to reproduce the error:

 > import numpy,scipy,scipy.optimize
 > f=lambda x: -numpy.e**-x
 > fp=lambda x: -f(x)
 > x0=numpy.asarray([0])
 > x=scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs(f,x0,fp)
 > print 'before: x=%s, after: x=%s' % (x0,x)

 Using python 2.6, numpy 1.4.0, and scipy 0.7.2, the code successfuly
 finishs with a reasonably large negative value:

 $ python crash.py
 Warning: Desired error not necessarily achieveddue to precision loss
          Current function value: -5184705528587058413568.000000
          Iterations: 1
          Function evaluations: 6
          Gradient evaluations: 5
 before: x=[0], after: x=[-50.]

 Using python 2.7, numpy 1.6.1, and scipy 0.9.0, the code gets stuck in an
 infinite loop and never terminates.

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