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Mon Aug 22 11:03:30 CDT 2011

#1499: update setup.py to use git for version number
 Reporter:  rgommers  |       Owner:  rgommers
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 Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  0.10.0  
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 At the same time fix the version numbers on Windows (needs shell=True in
 the subprocess.Popen call) in both numpy and scipy.  Thanks to Josef for
 figuring that one out; from the statsmodels mailing list:
 If I use the full path to git.exe in the Popen call, then I don't need
 the shell=True.
 My git is also not in the Windows registry.

 So my guess is, that if not shell=True, then Windows doesn't look at
 the windows path to look for git.exe, and the Popen call fails with
 file not found.
 That means, executables that are only available in the Windows shell
 (through Windows path), require that shell=True is set.

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