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Mon Feb 7 04:41:29 CST 2011

#1352: Lomb-Scargle periodogram
 Reporter:  pschella      |       Owner:  somebody    
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  needs_review
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  0.10.0      
Component:  Other         |     Version:  0.8.0       
 Keywords:  Lomb-Scargle  |  

Comment(by jpaalasm):

 I you are interested in implementing another spectral estimation method, I
 think that a ''least absolute deviations'' method (e.g. ![1]) would
 complement Lomb-Scargle better than Press and Rybicki.

 Anyway, thanks for the work on Lomb-Scargle.

 ![1] Li, T., 2010. A robust periodogram for high-resolution spectral
 analysis. Signal Processing, 90(7), pp.2133-2140.

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