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#1389: scipy.stats distributions are slow
 Reporter:  jpaalasm     |       Owner:  somebody
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 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  0.10.0  
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 Calling the methods of scipy.stats.distributions.rv_continuous is slow if
 the call applies to only one variate per call.

 In the case of the pdf-method of the normal distribution, only 10% of the
 cumulative time taken by rv_continuous.pdf is spent in _norm_pdf, which
 does the actual calculation, and 90% goes to generic parameter checking.

 The slowness of the methods is a real problem in cases where the
 parameters of the distributions have to be changed after each call, which
 prevents calling the methods for arrays of variates. That is needed for
 example with sequential monte carlo methods.

 I implemented the below simplified version of rv_continuous for pdf and
 rvs, which shows that performance improvements are possible. Generating a
 single normal variate is about 50 times faster and calculating a pdf value
 about 20 times faster than with rv_continuous.

 class fast_distribution:
     def __init__(self, distribution, scale, loc):
         self.distribution = distribution
         self.scale = scale
         self.loc = loc

     def pdf(self, x):
         x -= self.loc
         x /= self.scale
         pdf_value = self.distribution._pdf(x)
         pdf_value /= self.scale
         return pdf_value

     def rvs(self):
         variate = self.distribution._rvs()
         variate *= self.scale
         variate += self.loc
         return variate

 See attached files for a benchmark and its results.

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