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#1126: scipy.optimize.anneal does not respect lower/upper bounds
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Comment(by Titus):

 I also struggled with the annealing-routine, but now it seems fine. The
 reason is indeed the input-parameters "lower" and "upper" that are not
 very logic. They do not refer to global bounds of the parameters space but
 to 'maximum' displacements in the MC scheme AND in addition they determine
 the initial point!! This last point wasnot mentioned before, I think.

 The initial value that you provide for the parameter vector seems to have
 no influence.

 This is how I call anneal with my desired functionality

 p=[a,b,c] #my initial values

 lb=array([a0,b0,c0]) #my lower bounds

 ub=array([a1,b1,c1]) #my upper bounds

 N=100 #determines the size of displacements

 dx=(ub-lb)/N #displacements

 lower=array(p)-dx/2 #the "lower bound" of the anneal routine

 upper=array(p)+dx/2 #the "upper bound" of the anneal routine

 f=lambda var: costfunction(p,lb,ub) #my cost function that is made very
 high if not lb < p < ub


 This ensures a MC search that starts of close to my initial value and
 makes steps of dx in its search.


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