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#1394: One-sided Fisher's Exact Test
 Reporter:  gotgenes     |       Owner:  somebody
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Component:  scipy.stats  |     Version:  0.8.0   
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 Ticket #956 saw the introduction of two-sided Fisher's Exact Test (FET)
 into !SciPy in milestone:0.9.0, which is great; well done! I depend on
 one-sided FET, however.
 R's `fisher.test` function] lets the user specify this in the
 `alternative` keyword argument, which can be either `'two.sided'`,
 `'greater'`, or `'less'`

 I have tried to understand the code, however, I am not a statistician, and
 there are absolutely no explanations to the algorithm implemented by
 `fisher_exact`. Code comments, links or docstrings on the algorithm, etc.
 would be very helpful and welcome.

 Perhaps all that is necessary for the one-sided test p-value is a call to
 `hypergeom.sf` (or `hypergeom.cdf`). I am not sure what to do for the odds

 By the way, the version for this ticket should be 0.9.0, however, that
 version number was unavailable at the time I filed this ticket.

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