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#1370: Running scipy.weave programs on cluster with shared filesystem
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 my application makes use of `scipy.weave` (0.4.9) to run c-code on `numpy`
 arrays. The same function is called with different data on multiple
 computers of our cluster using the parallel execution mechanisms coming
 with `ipython`.

 As far as I can see, weave stores its compiled libraries in
 `~/.python26_compiled`. As all computers share the file system via `NFS`,
 this will actually be the same folder, and the *same library file name*,
 resulting in write conflicts (and /weird/ error messages)

 I put a symbolic link from `/tmp` to `~/.python26_compiled` and that
 seemed to fix the problem.

 Should there be a way to specify and create directories elsewhere and/or
 include the hostname in the hash-generation? Or am I missing something

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