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Sun Jul 3 08:05:03 CDT 2011

#1472: Recent Arpack changes segfaulting in test suite
 Reporter:  rgommers             |       Owner:  pv    
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new   
 Priority:  high                 |   Milestone:  0.10.0
Component:  scipy.sparse.linalg  |     Version:  0.9.0 
 Keywords:  arpack               |  

Comment(by pv):

 The crash is most likely due to the improved test coverage, and it
 probably is not a programming error per se, as Valgrind on Linux x86_64
 shows nothing of concern.

 Can you try running the tests in `scipy.sparse.linalg.isolve` separately
 as the crash can also come from there?

 The traceback is not very useful. Can you run it under Valgrind (with
 Python supressions  http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/attachment/ticket/1414
 /valgrind-python.supp)? Can you also try to recompile Scipy with
 optimizations disabled and debugging enabled, `OPT="-g3 -O0" FOPT="-g3
 -O0" python setup.py build`. Does the error appear also then?

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