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#1477: members set in scipy.stats.distributions.##._argcheck
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Component:  Other   |     Version:  0.9.0      
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 Some distributions set instance attributes in their _argcheck functions
 that are later used in _pdf or other functions.  In particular,
 truncnorm_gen, reciprocal_gen, and planck_gen.  It seems misplaced that
 the argument check function should change the underlying instance.  Rather
 you'd expect it to only indicate which arguments are valid.

 Conventions aside, the _argcheck in calls to pdf, cdf, etc. sets instance
 attributes according to the passed parameters whereas the underlying _*
 private function is passed only those arguments that are valid (from
 goodargs).  Thus, a call like:

 > y = truncnorm.pdf(r_[-2:2:101j], r_[-ones(50),ones(51)], inf)

 will fail.  In this case, it is because truncnorm._delta is computed with
 a length 101 vector (a), but _pdf is passed a vector of only 51 elements
 (x[x>a]).  There seems to be no real computational savings by including
 the truncnorm._delta computation in truncnorm._argcheck.  Why not just
 move it to _pdf and fix this issue?  Same for reciprocal_gen.  See
 truncexpon_gen as a good example.

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