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Fri May 20 21:36:33 CDT 2011

#1441: signals.freqz can evaluate the wrong number of points
 Reporter:  foton   |       Owner:  somebody
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new     
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Component:  Other   |     Version:  0.9.0   
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 I was just bitten by signals.freqz returning the wrong number of
 evaluation points. freqz computes w, the evaluation points, thusly:

 if worN is None:
     N = 512
     w = numpy.arange(0,lastpoint,lastpoint/N)
 elif isinstance(worN, types.IntType):
     N = worN
     w = numpy.arange(0,lastpoint,lastpoint/N)
     w = worN

 If lastpoint - (lastpoint / N) is close enough to lastpoint, it will
 conclude that you want lastpoint to be included, which you do not for this
 application. Each of those arange calls should be replaced with
 numpy.linspace(0, lastpoint, N, endpoint=False).

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