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Tue Oct 11 20:20:09 CDT 2011

#1537: scipy circmean exception when using non-flattened array
 Reporter:  pfctdayelise         |       Owner:  somebody   
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:  Unscheduled
Component:  scipy.stats          |     Version:  0.9.0      
 Keywords:  circmean, morestats  |  

Comment(by josefpktd):

 Yes to last, sorry if I wasn't clear. circmean and the others circ*
 functions need a rewrite. They don't even use np.asarray.

 I attached a quickly written rewrite for what I have in mind, in line with
 the other scipy.stats functions.

 Thanks for the references, but one reason why I never touched the circ*
 functions is because I didn't want to figure out circular statistic by

 If you say the circ* functions produce correct results - according to some
 common definition, then I would just add some regression tests. If you
 have comparison results with other packages, then it would be better to
 have "verified" results.

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