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#1506: scipy.fftpack.hilbert differs from textbook definition
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Comment(by xinchuan):

 Yes, the documentation and implementation do agree for
 scipy.fftpack.hilbert. i.e. H(w) = +1j*sign(w)

 Note however that there is another function "scipy.signal.hilbert" which
 computes the analytic signal. Its documentation says "x_a = F^{-1}(F(x)
 2U) = x + i y" where "y is the Hilbert transform of x". The "x + i y"
 follows the H(w) = -1j*sign(w) convention.

 So mainly the confusion for the user would be that 2 differing conventions
 are used within scipy.
 i.e. signal.hilbert(x) == x - 1j * fftpack.hilbert(x) as currently

 I suspect fftpack.hilbert is not used so much directly. I am more
 interested in the analytical signal than computing the hilbert transform
 as an intermediate.
 FWIW, "Discrete Time Signal Processing by Oppenheim and Schafer" use H(w)
 = -1j*sign(w)

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