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#1425: kurtosistest requires at least 4 observations
 Reporter:  bsouthey     |       Owner:  somebody   
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  needs_work 
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Changes (by josefpktd):

  * priority:  lowest => normal


 I was trying to look at this. I think that the stats.stats version should
 raise a ValueError for n<5, similar to the change that Warren made. I
 don't think returning (0, 1) is a good answer if the sample is to small.

 R raises an exception
 > x2 = c(0.31190987,  0.5403142 , -1.51626563, -0.64241117)
 > anscombe.test(x2)
 Error in if (pval > 1) pval <- 2 - pval :
   missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
 In addition: Warning message:
 In sqrt(1 + 4/m3) : NaNs produced

 The values differ a little bit compared to R, there is a mistake in the
 formula for A

 A = 6.0 + 8.0/sqrtbeta1 *(2.0/sqrtbeta1 + np.sqrt(1+4.0/(sqrtbeta1**2)))

 should be instead without the final `**2`, i.e.

 A = 6.0 + 8.0/sqrtbeta1 *(2.0/sqrtbeta1 + np.sqrt(1+4.0/(sqrtbeta1)))

 equation 3 in the reference (I don't have CRC available, but it wouldn't
 be the first imprecision or typo in there).

 correct reference

 Distribution of the Kurtosis Statistic b2 for Normal Samples
 F. J. Anscombe and William J. Glynn
 Vol. 70, No. 1 (Apr., 1983), pp. 227-234
 Published by: Biometrika Trust
 Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2335960

 I'm trying to prepare a pull request in the next few days, but the **2 bug
 should be removed, and some tests against R added, for 0.10.

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