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#1516: Outdated references to svn
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 Since scipy has moved to git from svn, there are a number of references to
 ''svn'' that are no longer valid:

 1) References svn instead of git in INSTALL.txt
 Development version from Subversion (SVN)
 Use the command::

   svn co http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scipy/trunk scipy

 Before building and installing from SVN, remove the old installation


 2) weave documentation files:
 3) scipy/setup.py and scipy/setupscons.py refer to an unused function:
 config.make_svn_version_py()  # installs __svn_version__.py

 4) scipy/special/special_version.py, unchanged since creation in 2007, is
 broken because commit 28a5f5f0e03b7746a43ae31925806cbf8df958a8 removed the

 5) Developmental version appears to have file called

 6) Developmental version has outdated scripts in the tools directory
 containing ''svn'' in files:

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