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#1650: scipy.stats: inconsistent doc string
 Reporter:  nicky        |       Owner:  somebody   
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Component:  scipy.stats  |     Version:  0.10.0     
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 The doc string on line (as of date April 16 2012)

 to compute the moments of a distribution is like this:

 _doc_moment = \
 """moment(n, %(shapes)s, loc=0, scale=1)
     Non-central moment of order n

 Thus, a non-central moment should be returned.  On the other hand, the
 code on line


 is as follows:

 def _moment(data, n, mu=None):
     if mu is None:
         mu = data.mean()
     return ((data - mu)**n).mean()

 This computes a central moment, not a non-central moment.

 Besides this, this code is called nowhere within distributions.py. Is it

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