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#1618: Testsuite failures with 0.10.1 under Mac OS X Lion
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Comment(by mike.wimmer):

 Replying to [comment:4 pv]:
 > The correct solution is probably to not use any Fortran FUNCTIONs
 (SUBROUTINEs should be OK, though), and instead use the C ABI, as we do
 with the complex-valued cases. These Fortran ABI issues in Veclib might
 possibly be worked around with some magic compiler options, but it seems
 best to just avoid the mess.

 As a short term solution I would like to note that at least on MacOSX
 10.8, specifying the "-ff2c" flag does solve the problem. As noted in the
 macresearch.org thread you cite above, the Accelerate framework adheres to
 the g77 conventions, and -ff2c does force gfortran to do exactly that.

 In principle this is hence the correct way to compile.

 It appears that someone in the above thread mentioned had problems
 together with 64 bit code, which people later in the thread identified as
 an Accelerate bug. Now at least for me, I have never seen this particular
 (-ff2c together with -m64) bug, and it might very well have been fixed by
 Apple. This would make the "-ff2c"-switch the correct solution in any

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