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#1721: Errors obtained while running the SciPy test
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 I'm a complete newbie to SciPy and NumPy. I've downloaded and installed
 these packages   as I need them to run the Brian simulator. I'm using OSX
 10.8 (just installed from the scratch to be able to use the SciPy
 Superpack from Chris Fonnesbeck) with Fortan 2.7.2, XCode 4.4.1. As per
 Fonnesbeck's reccomendation, I've performed the test and several errors
 have arised. I know that he's using development versions (SciPy 0.12) and
 therefore may be bugs there, but I couldn't get Brian work just by
 installing the stable releases with my previous OSX version. I'm attaching
 the output generated by the test file in case it might help you in the
 development of Scipy.


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