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#1626: scipy.io.wavfile --- does it work?
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 If I write a wav file to disk using scipy.io.wavfile.write, and then read
 it again, the file appears to be ok. HOWEVER if I try to *play* it using
 Windows Media Player, there is no sound!

 I have found a wav-file "sweeplin.wav" on the internet, as well as
 converted an mp3 file "Kalimba.mp3" to wav using freeware "Switch Sound
 File Converter". Both sweeplin, and Kalimba (before and after conversion)
 plays nicely on Windows Media Player. If I try to import e.g. Kalimba.wav
 using scipy.wavefile.read("Kalimba.wav"), I get an error message:

 >>> rate, data = swav.read(path+r"Kalimba.wav")

 leads to

 C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\scipy\io\wavfile.py:31: WavFileWarning:
 Unfamiliar format bytes
   warnings.warn("Unfamiliar format bytes", WavFileWarning)
 C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\scipy\io\wavfile.py:121: WavFileWarning:
 chunk not understood
   warnings.warn("chunk not understood", WavFileWarning)

 Any clues?
 I use the latest version of Enthought Python Distribution as of March 22,

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