[Scipy-tickets] [SciPy] #1647: BUG: stats: _argcheck function for the erlang distribution is misnamed.

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Sat May 5 15:00:11 CDT 2012

#1647: BUG: stats: _argcheck function for the erlang distribution is misnamed.
 Reporter:  warren.weckesser  |       Owner:  somebody    
     Type:  defect            |      Status:  needs_review
 Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:  Unscheduled 
Component:  scipy.stats       |     Version:  0.10.0      
 Keywords:                    |  

Comment(by josefpktd):

 maybe name recognition and for historical reasons

 _arg_check was spelled this way since at least 2002 (github blame only
 shows last change)

 searching scipy-user history looks essentially empty on erlang (one
 mention in question about gama)


 there is nothing directly to erlang in scipy-dev either

 So unless Warren has a usecase, I would convert erlang into an alias of

 One thing I haven't looked into is why they use different scipy.special
 functions, but I wouldn't be surprised if those are duplicates as well.

 Maybe ask on the mailing list, from one scipy-user thread it looks like at
 list Nicky is familiar with it.

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