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Mon Apr 22 04:52:05 CDT 2013

#1897: expmFrechet would be nice
 Reporter:  unknown (google)              |       Owner:  pv    
     Type:  enhancement                   |      Status:  apply 
 Priority:  low                           |   Milestone:  0.13.0
Component:  scipy.linalg                  |     Version:  0.12.0
 Keywords:  linalg matfuncs expm frechet  |  

Comment(by unknown (google)):

 I removed the theta_table and added a fuzz test.  This uncovered a
 problematic (A, E) pair which I moved into its own test.  I looked through
 the code for typos, but I couldn't find any; the buggy path would be the
 long pade order 13.  I also checked this particular (A, E) against R
 expmFrechet as a black box, and they don't show this bug.  So it's
 probably a typo that I somehow can't see.  I also tried not being clever
 with LU decomposition but this didn't help.

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