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#1835: mpiexec with numpy causes segfault
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 Hello, I have been scratching my head on this problem all day.

 I am installing numpy,scipy, and mpi4py from source on a cluster, and I
 have done this before on a different account.  Everything works peachy
 over there, so I did the exact same thing for the new user.

 Here is what happens:

 If I import numpy or scipy on a single core, everything works fine.
 However, as soon as I do mpiexec -n 4 python test.py I get an immediate
 segfault.  In addition, if I try to re-import numpy with a single core, I
 still get a segfault.  Even more interestingly, if I wait a small amount
 of time, the problem goes away for single core.  However, repeating the
 same process yeilds the same results.

 Not sure if this is relevant, but I built numpy and scipy against the same
 Openblas shared .so file that I compiled with the other user.  Meaning I
 just copied over all .so and .a files..it is the same machine so it must
 be the same architecture..


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