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Wed Feb 6 07:02:38 CST 2013

#1840: estimate_gradients_2d_global stuck in infinite loop
 Reporter:  pv                 |       Owner:  pv    
     Type:  defect             |      Status:  new   
 Priority:  high               |   Milestone:  0.12.0
Component:  scipy.interpolate  |     Version:  0.11.0
 Keywords:                     |  
 `scipy.interpolate.interpnd.estimate_gradients_2d_global` (and so,
 CloughTocher2DInterpolator) gets stuck in an infinite loop for some
 triangulations produced by Qhull.

 The culprit is the loop over RidgeIter2D --- apparently Qhull may produce
 triangulations that in some pathological cases do not satisfy the
 constraints assumed in the iterator.

 Test case attached. (Hangs on 0.12.0.dev-0d906d0)

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