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#1812: Erratic phase plot for high order filters
 Reporter:  kitmonisit  |       Owner:  somebody   
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Comment(by kitmonisit):

 I'm sorry about the list formatting in the original post. Here is a more
 readable version:

 1. Set up specifications[[BR]]
 2. Convert Hz to rad/s (w is "omega")[[BR]]
 3. Normalize w from 0 to 1[[BR]]
 4. Calculate required filter order and natural frequency
 5. Calculate zeros, poles, and gain (scipy.signal.butter)[[BR]]
 6. Create LTI system (scipy.signal.lti)[[BR]]
 7. Compute Bode plots (scipy.signal.lti.bode)[[BR]]
 8. Convert w back to f and scale appropriately[[BR]]
 9. Plot stuff to "plot.pdf"

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