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#1833: Some interpolate __init__ methods do not appear in documentation
 Reporter:  capnrefsmmat   |       Owner:  pv         
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 For instance, for the Krogh interpolator:


 There is a well-documented {{{__init__}}} method in the source:


 However, the {{{__init__}}} method does not appear in the Sphinx
 documentation. Similarly, the {{{PiecewisePolynomial}}} documentation does
 not include any information at all on how to initialize the object,
 because the {{{__init__}}} docstring does not appear.

 This also appears to be the case for the {{{BarycentricInterpolator}}}.
 Many others include the {{{__init__}}} documentation in the class's
 docstring, which fixes the issue.

 I can submit a patch moving the {{{__init__}}} information to the class
 docstring if I get time.

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