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#1858: test_mio.test_func_read test fails on big endian
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 test_mio.test_func_read test fails on big endian with python3.3 (see
 ubuntu build log [0])

 the test data is little endian, and the relevant parts of mio5_utils.pyx
 look like this:

 819         arr = np.array(uc_str, dtype='U')
 822         return np.ndarray(shape=header.dims,
 823                           dtype=self.U1_dtype,
 824                           buffer=arr,
 825                           order='F')
 (same in line 792)

 uc_str is correctly decoded because its ascii (if its not the decoding
 might already fail, which is another issue)

 so arr is now a native >U(big endian) array, self.U1_dtype on the other
 hand is <U1(little endian) as the file is little endian.
 the array returned is garbage.

 I didn't verify it with 0.12 but I saw no relevant code changes in git.

 [0] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-

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