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#1867: Ctrl-C crashes Python after importing scipy.stats
 Reporter:  BrenBarn     |       Owner:  rgommers   
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Unscheduled
Component:  scipy.stats  |     Version:  0.11.0     
 Keywords:               |  
 I can reliably crash the Python interpreter by doing this:

 >>> from scipy import stats
 >>> import time
 >>> time.sleep(3)

 and pressing Ctrl-C during the sleep.  (This is on Python 2.7.3, 64-bit on
 Win7.)  The following message is printed:

 forrtl: error (200): program aborting due to control-C event
 Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source

 libifcoremd.dll    00000000045031F8  Unknown               Unknown
 libifcoremd.dll    00000000044FC789  Unknown               Unknown
 libifcoremd.dll    00000000044E8583  Unknown               Unknown
 libifcoremd.dll    000000000445725D  Unknown               Unknown
 libifcoremd.dll    00000000044672A6  Unknown               Unknown
 kernel32.dll       0000000077B74AF3  Unknown               Unknown
 kernel32.dll       0000000077B3F56D  Unknown               Unknown
 ntdll.dll          0000000077C73281  Unknown               Unknown

 The same occurs with scipy.interpolate.  I haven't tested all the scipy
 modules but there may be others that have this problem.

 Googling around, I see people saying that this is apparently due to use of
 a Fortran library that overrides Ctrl-C handling.

 This has to be considered a bug.  SciPy is a library for use with Python.
 Importing this library should not alter how Ctrl-C works in Python.
 Ideally, Ctrl-C would be able to interrupt a long-running scipy
 calculation, but even if that isn't possible, just having SciPy modules
 loaded should not make it impossible to use Ctrl-C at all.

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