[SciPy-user] plt

ERIC JONES ejones17 at austin.rr.com
Tue Oct 23 10:29:17 CDT 2001

> once more my appreciation for a great project!
> I hope you (we) get this a more-or-less standard package for python!
> After using the plt-module interactively for some time I want to embed
> it into a small app. So I need to use it as a workarea within the
> frame of my application. I managed to use plot_canvas for that but
> this of course looses most of the functionality (axes, zoom, print,
> ...) So what is the preferred way to use plt as a widget? Am I
> overseeing something?

No, that is pretty much how we when embedding it.  You can get to all the
things you want by drilling down to particular items, but this is less than
optimal.  It'd be nice to have the methods hanging off of the widget, but,
as of yet, they aren't there.


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