[SciPy-user] SciPy on FreeBSD

Rob europax at home.com
Fri Sep 14 19:15:50 CDT 2001

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> > I'm trying to modify setup.py to compile on FreeBSD.  It can't seem to
> > find various /usr/X11R6/include files, even though I modified the file
> > to show the right locations.  If I figure this out, I'll mail it to the
> > list.  I am very eager to try this package out on some EM simulators.
> > Rob.
> Rob,
> Are you still having trouble building SciPy on FreeBSD.  Please email me
> the errors you are getting and I will see if I can figure out what the
> trouble is.
> Has anyone else on the list been successful at building SciPy for FreeBSD?
> Thanks,
> -Travis O.

I haven't tried in a while.  I will generate tonight some error reports
with x=0 and with x=1.  Neither builds.


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