[SciPy-user] Re: SciPy installation

tinu tinu at email.ch
Thu Apr 11 11:57:01 CDT 2002

Dear list members

Installing scipy from CVS, the ATLAS libraries could not be found (since they
are installed in a non standard place). The error message indicates, that the 
ATLAS environment variable can be used to provide the path information, but 
it seems not to get read. 

As a quick hack I added the envrionment variable to the path and everything 
worked out fine. Patch appended.

All the Best


Martin Lüthi
mel: martin.luethi at ethz.ch

diff -c -r1.15 system_info.py
*** system_info.py	2002/04/07 23:41:48	1.15
--- system_info.py	2002/04/11 17:19:31
*** 325,330 ****
--- 325,332 ----
      def get_paths(self, section, key):
          default_dirs = self.cp.get('DEFAULT', key).split(os.pathsep)
+         if os.environ.has_key('ATLAS'):
+             default_dirs.append(os.environ['ATLAS'])
          dirs = []
          for d in self.cp.get(section, key).split(os.pathsep) + default_dirs:

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