[SciPy-user] ImportError: No module named fastumath

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Sat Apr 27 10:53:23 CDT 2002

I've seen this occassionally (during "cvs update -Pd ; python ./setup
build  ; python ./setup install cycles).

The solution was to go into the right place and manually run
setup_scipy_base.py (or the similar equivalent when it was somewhere

But it seems like years since I did any scipy evaluation...


>>>>> "pearu" == Pearu Peterson <pearu at cens.ioc.ee> writes:

    pearu> On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, Carl Staelin wrote:

    >> I grabbed scipy from CVS and built it last night, and I get
    >> an error when I try to use it:
    >> ImportError: No module named fastumath
    pearu> <snip>
    >> When I look in /usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy_base,
    >> there is a file fastumath.so, so I am puzzled as to why the
    >> statement 'import scipy_base.fastumath' fails in
    >> scipy_base/__init__.py.
    >> Any suggestions welcome...

    pearu> Can you import fastumath directly?
    pearu> E.g.
    pearu>   cd /usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy_base
    pearu>   python
    >>>> import fastumath

    pearu> Can you import scipy_base directly?
    pearu> E.g.
    pearu>   cd -
    pearu>   python
    >>>> import scipy_base

    pearu> Can you import scipy_base.fastumath directly?
    pearu> E.g.
    pearu>   cd -
    pearu>   python
    >>>> import scipy_base.fastumath

    pearu> Pearu

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