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Mrs. Mairo Al'mustapha almustapha at hknetmail.com
Sat Aug 3 20:46:30 CDT 2002

#12, Alhaji Sheu Danbaba Avenue
Off Airport Road
Kano State

I wish to introduce myself to you. I am Musa Al-Mustapha, Eldest son to Major Hamza Al-Mustapha who was the former chief security officer to the late military dictator of Nigeria (General Sani Abacha). The late General Sani Abacha died unexpectedly on the 8th of june, 1998. He was poisoned in the residential villa (aso rock) by his colleagues in the army because he ruled Nigeria with an iron hand and he did not want democracy in the country. 

With the death of the dictator, elections were held in the country and a civilian administration was sworn into power. With the advent of the new civilian administration a decision was taken by the incumbent president of Nigeria to probe and prosecute all military officers that served in the last military regime to late General Sani Abacha, My father Major Hamza Al-Mustapha was singled out by the government of the day as an army officer that must be punished because of his closeness to the late dictator and gross human right abuses on the citizens of Nigeria. 

My father and I are best of friends and he shared all his secrets with me. The former chief security officer to the late head of state Major Hamza Al-Mustapha had private accounts that are worth close to us$600m dollars around the world. Presently he has been arrested by the government of the day and is presently in prison and facing charges of gross human right abuses on the citizens of Nigeria. I was discreetly informed by my contacts in the presidential villa that the present civilian government had decided that he will be convicted because of his position as the former chief security officer to the late dictator. 

Shortly before my father was arrested by the present government he was able to depost the sum of US18.0m (Eighteen Million dollars) with a Finance and Trust Company in Germany. Before his arrest he handed the deposit documents to my mother and I.

I need your assistance in moving and securing this money in your account abroad. I will adequately compensate you with 10% of the total sum for your assistance and co-operation with me to claim this fund from the Trust Company in Germany. I intend to safeguard and invest this amount of money abroad with a reliable foreign business partner. That is why I am soliciting your assistance and co-operation as regards this business. 

Please indicate your willingness to assist me by sending a fax to me with the underlisted fax number so that I can contact you and commence the transaction in earnest. You can also call me up on my phone if you like or send a reply to my mother's email address.

I am waiting to hear from you very soon. 

Musa Al' Hamza Mustapha 
Fax: +234-803-3030-691 
Tel: +234-1-759-3888

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