[SciPy-user] SciPy02 update -- Registration, BoFs, and Lighting Talks

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Mon Aug 5 17:52:43 CDT 2002

Hey crew,


It looks like about 30 of the registered attendees have paid.  If you
haven't already done so, please do this as soon as possible.



We currently only have one BoF planned.  It is for astronomy.  We should
really have more of these -- especially on the bioinformatics side of
the house.  Please send me a topic if you are interested in leading the

Lightning Talks:

As far as lighting talks go, we have 7 confirmed, and two more potential
talks.  I am still interested in more talks, so send me topics if you
have them.  The format will be 10-15 minutes per talk.  LCD data
projectors will be available for computer based presentations.  You can
also give a "chalk talk" on overheads or on a white board (I assume we
will have one...).  This is not a "formal" setting, so don't feel that
you need a spit and polished presentation (although those are welcome
too...).  Workshops are all about the exchange of information to
stimulate discussion.  If you have a project/topic that will do that,
send it my way.

Here are the talks I have confirmed:

PyMOL -- A Molecular Visualization tool.
Warren DeLano

Molecular Visualization
Justin Gullingsrud

PyQuante -- An open-sourced quantum chemistry suite written in Python
Rick Muller

Integrating Python into monolithic legacy Fortran codes
Robert Ferrell

Analyzing X-ray astrophysics data with Python
Andrew Ptak

Weather vs. ground echo discrimination in radar data with a Numeric
based fuzzy logic package. 
Joe Van Andel

Biggles -- A scientific plotting package for Python
Michael Nolta

If Fernando Perez is able to attend, he'll give a couple of talks, one
on iPython, a interactive python shell for scientists, and the other on
MayaVi, a 3D visualization tool based on VTK written by Prabhu


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