[SciPy-user] plt.image: zoom too far?

Adam C. Finnefrock finnefro at sas.upenn.edu
Tue Aug 6 16:21:36 CDT 2002

Hi all,

Has anyone had trouble using plt.image and zooming in too far?

The symptoms are either using all available memory (Linux, > 400MB)
or showing a blank white window (Linux, Windows).


>>> import gui_thread
>>> <Importing wxPython...  done.>
>>> from scipy import *

>>> from scipy import plt
>>> img = plt.lena()
>>> plt.image(img)

1.  Use the mouse, zoom in on the eye near the center of the image.
    (In linux, python's memory usage peaks and then returns to original value.)
2.  Now, zoom in closer using the mouse so that just the iris and pupil would
    be shown.  (In linux, memory usage rises to > 400MB and this disk starts
    swapping.  In Windows, the image is not rendered but instead a white
    canvas is shown.)

Same results can be obtained on the command-line:
>>> z=plt.image(img)
>>> z.x_axis.bounds = [245,250]
>>> z.y_axis.bounds = [245,250]
>>> z.update()

Is this a known bug?  Should I be posting to scipy-devel instead?


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