[SciPy-user] mailing lists: which?

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Fri Aug 16 01:39:41 CDT 2002

Hmmm.  Good question.

The idea is that scipy-dev is supposed to be for scipy development
discussions: things like scipy internals, bug/behavior discussions, new
libraries, etc.  scipy-user is supposed to be about scipy usage -- "how
do I do such and such with scipy."

If I had it to do all over again, I'd just have one list right now.
Most of the traffic on both lists is of interest to everyone, and the
traffic isn't heavy.  In a year or two, this (hopefully) will not be the

So, for now, take your pick.  Snippets can go either place.  Just pick
which you think is more appropriate.  No one will disagree, cause
they're just as unclear about it as you are. :-)


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> Hi all,
> When posting to the list, which questions should be addressed to which
> list
> (user vs. dev)?  Do code snippets go only dev?
> Unclear on the concept,
> Adam
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