[SciPy-user] pre-release peek of compiler... and I need help with a name

eric eric at scipy.org
Wed Jan 2 17:00:36 CST 2002

Hey folks,

Happy new year to all.  In celebration, I had planned on releasing a new
version of the scipy.compiler module, but as a stand alone package since it
is useful outside the scientific community.  So, the module was to be
released as 'compiler'.  Unfortunately, at the 11th hour, I just noticed
that name is already taken in 2.2.  Doh!

So, I need a new name.  The module has three main functions (or modules).

inline() -- allows you to inline C/C++ code in Python.
blitz() -- translates python Numeric expressions into Blitz++ (C++)
expressions for fast execution.
ext_tools -- Module useful for building Python extension modules.

You can look here at the temporary site (until I get the real name...)


Please let me know if you have a suitable name.  Travis V. has the front


Putting that along side cow.py is a little much though... so we're still

Also, there are still tons of typos, etc. in the docs(Trav suggests running
a find/replace on your/you're would help. :| ) Let me know how the tests
fair if anyone gets a chance to try it, and we'll hopefully have things
shaped up with a new name for release by the end of the week.


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