[SciPy-user] Re: IO problems on windows

Herb Schilling Herbert.W.Schilling at grc.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 18 10:11:14 CST 2002

>I'm almost sure that opening the file in 'r' mode only is the problem you are
>having.   I just learned that if you open a binary file with the 'r'
>permission instead of 'rb', then the byte '\32' is interpreted as EOF. 
>It seems that something like that is happening in your case.
>I hope that fixes your problem.  I suppose I could issue a warning if the
>permission flag does not have 'b' in it because fopen is primarily used for
>binary reading and writing.

Hi Travis,

  That did it!! Everything works perfectly now. Thank you so much. You 
saved the day.

Maybe the documentation page at


could mentioned this ?

PS. That page also doesn't mention the fopen's tell method that you 
told me about. Maybe that could be included too?

Herb Schilling
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