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Louis Luangkesorn lluang at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 09:13:35 CST 2002


I sent an email to Jim Weirich, who is the maintainer of
EiffleUnit.  EiffleUnit has an assert_approximate function.  His
reply is below.  My feeling regarding the scipy_test.py is that I
rewrite the assert_approx_equals to match the behavior of the
EiffelUnit assert_approximate, since it does the same thing that I
want, and that we name the scipy function
assert_approximate_equals, in the interests of consistancy with
other XUnit type modules.

Oh, I'm going to have an update on assert_approx_equals regardless.
 There are a couple of rather embarassing cases I don't account


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Hello Louis.

The short form of the assert_approximate function is ...

    assert_approximate (message: STRING; expected, actual,
tolerance: DOUBLE) is
            -- Assert that two values are approximately equal 
            -- (within a `tolerance').
            message_exists: message /= Void

Assert_approximate uses a tolerance value to specify the value for
approximate.  This allows the user to choose what close-enough

For example ...

  assert_approximate("absolute", expected, actual, 0.00001);
  assert_approximate("relative", expected, actual, 0.001 *

I believe that JUnit has a version of assertEquals that takes two
double arguments and a double tolerance.  assert_approximate mimics
that behavior.

I hope this helps.

-- -- Jim Weirich jweirich at one.net http://w3.one.net/~jweirich

> From: "eric" <eric at scipy.org>
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> Subject: Re: [SciPy-user] unittests for scipy.stats:
> assert_almost_equal question
> Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 22:38:03 -0500
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> Hey Louis,
> Thanks.  In my cursory checks, it looks to me like you've counted
> digits correctly.  I'll add this to scipy_test.  Does anyone have
> better names for
> these.  They are quite arbitrary and indistinguishable right now.
>  How about:
> assert_significant_equal
> assert_decimal_equal
> These names give a little more info about what is happening in
> the function.
> thoughts?
> eric
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