[SciPy-user] chaco:I found W, now what?

boyle5 at llnl.gov boyle5 at llnl.gov
Tue Jul 23 16:49:29 CDT 2002

Thanks Rob,  I found W as part ot the MacPython distribution.

Still no joy - there seems to be some incompatibility between the Carbon 
libs I have
and those used by W. Also I do not have 'waste'.

I think my difficulties stem from my utter lack of understanding of the 
relation between mac-python, macho-python,  python-python.

Maybe the Chaco developer's page could describe the python installation 
for OSX that is being used for their testing.


On Tuesday, July 23, 2002, at 12:40 PM, Rob Managan wrote:

>> I got chaco off cvs and attempted to run the maccore2d.py code which 
>> generates test
>> samples.
>> The code fails at the line(586):
>> import W
>> The developers page indicates that the Mac OSX code has no other 
>> dependencies outside of Numeric.
>> I am at a loss as where this module ( 'W' ) should come from. Looking 
>> at the code it is some graphics /gui stuff
>> since it has W.widget and W.window methods.
>> I am using OS X 10.1.5, python 2.2.1,Numeric 21.0.
>> Thanks for any help
>> Jim
> I am ignorant of the detail but can tell you that module W is part of 
> the MacPython IDE. You probably have the pure unix Python installed.
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