[SciPy-user] installation problem w/ scipy 0.2: flbas.so has undefined symbol srotmg_

David Marimont marimont at nxpdata.com
Mon Jun 3 23:31:15 CDT 2002

I finally installed it without error -- see below.

Pearu Peterson wrote:

> How did you rebuilt scipy? It is possible that this flapack.so is from the
> previous built. I suggest `rm -rf build' and `python setup.py'.

Well, that sounds smarter than what I did, which was to rm the entire scipy
directory and untar it again.  I wanted to be sure that *everything* was gone.

> If none of the hints above are helpful, could you explain exactly how did
> you built/installed lapack,atlas, and scipy. Outputs of command executions
> can be useful.

A good suggestion -- when I went back over everything, I realized that I may
have misinterpreted the instructions for building the complete atlas lapack
library.  As stupid as it sounds, I didn't realize that I was supposed to
do the ar x stuff in the tmp directory *after* building atlas.  I would have
gotten the error the first time I tried doing it before building atlas if
I hadn't already built atlas once already.  This is the kind of mistake it's
easy to make if (1) you have no idea what you're doing, and (2) are blindly
following instructions!

Anyway, once I did things in the right order, importing scipy didn't trigger
any errors.  Now I'm eager to see what I can do with it!

After all this, I'm ready to write "Installing SciPy for Dummies."  I know
at least one person who would have found this useful.

This list is great -- thanks to everyone who helped.


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