[SciPy-user] problem with scipy.cow

eric eric at enthought.com
Tue Jun 4 01:57:41 CDT 2002

Hey Wen,

SciPy has been through quite a bit of change since I last tested cow, and
unfortunately it doesn't have unit tests.

I'd like to look into it, but probably will not have time this week.  Here are a
few hints I can remember:

The start up process sometimes runs into troubles because of issues with ssh. I
remember debugging this by starting up individual servers on remote machines by
hand instead of using start.

Also, I'd try a simple test where you run a couple of servers on the local
machine and see if start() works in this case.  Use the actual IP number of the
machine instead of, as the loop-back address was also problematic.

hope that provides some  clues.


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> hi,
> I am having problem to make scipy.cow work. Basically I could only be
> able to run cow.info() and others would fail. cow.start got stuck and I
> found it was trapped at is_running() call in cow.start(). I am using the
> 0.20 linux versions.
> Could anyone give me any suggestion how to solve this problem?
> Wen
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