[SciPy-user] ATLAS and LAPACK libraries

damian bernard604 at netscape.net
Sat Jun 8 11:35:24 CDT 2002

I am trying to build scipy from source, and I have installed LAPACK and 
ATLAS but I am
a bit confussed on how to link them. More to the point, the directions 
state to do the  following ...

mkdir tmp
 cd tmp
 ar x ../liblapack.a
 cp <your LAPACK path & lib> ../liblapack.a
 ar r ../liblapack.a *.o
 cd ..
 rm -rf tmp


I don't understand the line  " cp <your LAPACK path & lib> 
../liblapack.a " .
What exactly do I copy? To me it looks like you extract the library then 
archive it again. My
guess is that you are trying to add extra object files ito the 
liblapack.a archive, but I am not
quite sure how the above commnads acomplish that.


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