[SciPy-user] Re: problems with scipy.io.readarray

Christian Hudon chrish at cynovad.com
Fri Jun 28 14:16:09 CDT 2002

Travis Oliphant wrote:

>>SystemError: D:
>>\trentm\main\Apps\ActivePython-2_2\src\Core\Objects\methodobject.c:33: bad
>>argument to internal function
> I don't know what's going on.  Could you send me the test.dat file?  This
> function reads text files.  Is test.dat a text file?
> If you could isolate the part of the file that gives the error in test.dat
> that would be helpful.  It could be a problem with opening text files
> versus binary files on Windows systems.

I'm getting exact same problem. Running ActivePython 2.2.1 build 222 on 
Windows 2000. Both SciPy 0.2.0 103.3564 and 103.3567 (the latest) 
exhibit this problem. I can't even load a baby array like:

1 2
3 4

Tried both with CRLF (Windows) and LF (Unix) line terminators. They both 
  cause crashes with the same backtrace.


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