[SciPy-user] odeint limitations?

Brad Reisfeld brad.reisfeld at colostate.edu
Tue Mar 5 16:30:23 CST 2002

I am a new user of SciPy. It looks like a very convenient method to access
powerful numerical codes written in other languages from Python.

At this point, I have an application in which I need to solve many (hundreds
or thousands) of coupled ode's. Is the 'odeint' functionality in SciPy up to
this task? I believe the code uses lsod(e|a|ar|es), which should, in theory,
be adequate. Are there any 'issues' associated with the wrapping of these
routines in Python? Anyone have experience using odeint for solving large
numbers of ode's?


I appreciate the SciPy team for developing and enhancing this useful
software for the Python user community.


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