[SciPy-user] ATLAS > 3.3.13

eric eric at scipy.org
Tue Mar 26 09:08:55 CST 2002

> The latest stable version of ATLAS is 3.2.1.
> 3.3.5- 3.3.14 are Developer (unstable) versions.
> Does it make sense to install an unstable version ?

Here is an email that Clint Whaley (main developer of ATLAS) posted on 2/22/02.
It looks like there is one more developer release before ATLAS goes stable.  
The main issues look to be with PPC, Alpha, and dual OS X (Mac) boxes.  If your
not using one of these platforms, I'd say your reasonably safe.  

The developer mailing list for ATLAS is here.


That is probably the best place to follow the state of the package.

see ya,

---------- Clint's email ---------
 We will have at least one more developer release, in order to fix the errors
 Camm has spotted.  3.3.14 has bad arch defaults for PPCG4, and it looks like
 the GOTO gemm is seg faulting on ev5x (21164).  These changes are enough
 that I'll want a dev release fixing them before going stable.
 In the meantime, my own tests are showing something rather strange.  Does
 anyone else have access to a dual OS X box with a f77 compiler installed?
 On the one I have access to, the threaded code is unrepeatably hanging in
 x?l3blastst_pt, and having this behavior confirmed on another box would
 be very helpful . . .
 On the ev5 error, I have restarted the tester without using GOTO's gemm, and
 it has finished the testers that seg fault, but is still running.  If we
 can't find a fix, and the non-goto ev5 passes all tests, I'll just stop using
 GOTO's gemm on that platform.  If you set some environment variables that 
 GOTO recommends, the seg faults also go away, but we can't have a package
 that seg faults if the user forgets to set his environment up in the way
 we like . . .

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