[SciPy-user] import scipy seg faults

Travis N. Vaught scipy-user@scipy.net
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 09:44:27 -0600

I'm not sure what might be happening, but the nightly build process
(which is currently 'nightly' only for win32) tests many
configurations--you can see the configurations and drill down to the
results here:


An example of a build header is:

Python Version:   2.2.1
Numeric Version:  cvs
F2py Version:     cvs
Build Start:      Mon Feb 10 05:34:10 2003
Test Level:       10
Results:          Ran 753 tests in 451.850 seconds with no failures and
1 error

...to provide more diagnostic info, you might try importing each
sub-package individually and see which seg faults.


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> Subject: [SciPy-user] import scipy seg faults
> Hi
> the problems I'm having are:
> built CVS scipy against Numeric 20.2.0 and got
> Numeric cannot import rank
> error message
> imported Numeric then scipy imported OK ran the scipy.test() Ok
> So figured that the version of Numeric I was working with put MA etc
> site-packages not site-packages/Numeric
> so got CVS version of Numeric placed in Numerical underneath scipy
> rebuilt Numeric
> rebuilt scipy
> ran python imported scipy and got a segmentation fault.
> I have since repeated install of both Numeric and SciPy with the
> --force option
> with the same result. and repeated above  with non CVS versions of
> Numeric.
> So which versions of Numeric are known to work with the current CVS of
> SciPy
> and
> what is needed to get a clean build of SciPy
> Regards
> Ed Hartley
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